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Residents of Lehigh Valley have numerous healthcare facilities nearby to attend to their needs. Hospitals, clinics and emergency treatment centers are available with healthcare professionals available to meet the general and specific medical/dental needs of all residents.

Specialized services are coordinated through the office of Human Services in Hampton County, which provides specialized services for those in need. In addition, a number of agencies provide specialized services for those requiring individualized care. Information for these services is available via the hospitals, chamber of commerce, United Way, or the Yellow Pages.

Emergency services (ambulance, fire, police) are available in all communities in the Nazareth-Bath area.

Pharmacies and medical equipment companies are located throughout the Nazareth-Bath area to accommodate the needs of residents.

The Wellness Committee of the Nazareth Area Chamber of Commerce

The Wellness Committee of the Nazareth-Bath Area Chamber of Commerce is a combination of businesses that provide medical and natural disciplines to promote wellness. Products and services range from fitness, weight loss, skin care, chiropractic, dentistry, assisted living and traditional medical care. The committee also has providers that promote aging in place, cancer awareness and care as well as insurance providers to cover the cost of many of these services.

Eaton Hospital

The Wellness Committee also offers a complimentary speaker’s bureau that is available to area businesses and organizations on a multitude of topics.

The committee, founded in the fall of 2007, is very active in the community, providing and taking part in health fairs for many area businesses as well as offering free services as senior housing and community events.

The Wellness Committee’s mission is to educate the community residents about integrating health support services for wellness and recovery by introducing available medical and natural health services and products. For additional information about the committee, please call the Nazareth-Bath Area Chamber office at (610) 759-9188.

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