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Phoenixville Borough is named for the legendary Phoenix firebird, which, at the end of its life cycle, builds itself a nest then sets it ablaze, reducing it to ashes. According to ancient Egyptian mythology, a new, young phoenix then rises from the ashes.

Like its namesake, Phoenixville has undergone a rebirth. The community was settled in 1732 as Manavon and became the Borough of Phoenixville in 1849.

The area became a manufacturing center with a diverse industrial base that included steel, underwear and hosiery factories and majolica pottery facilities. In the early 1700s, Phoenix Iron Works, a steel-making plant, was created and remained in operation until the mid-1980s. When the steel mill closed, Phoenixville became a virtual ghost town. In 2003, Phoenixville experienced its rebirth. Development and new businesses helped Phoenixville rise from its ashes, while paying tribute to its historical past.

The Borough of Phoenixville in Chester County, Pennsylvania, is 28 miles northwest of Philadelphia at the junction of French Creek and the Schuylkill River. About 16,000 people call the Borough home with several neighboring townships supporting Borough businesses. Much of the history of Phoenixville was formalized with the official formation of the Phoenixville Historic District, the largest National Register of Historic Places site in Chester County.

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