graphicWayne County supports six school systems: Forest City Regional School District, North Pocono School District, Susquehanna School District, Wallenpaupack School District, Wayne Highlands School District and Western Wayne School District. No matter what district your address falls into, children are assured of a climate where they can excel — whether they are gifted, learning disabled or a category in between.

Our SAT scores and periodic testing results are exceptional; each district’s administration office will gladly share up-to-date data with any parent who asks. In addition to the core curriculum, students may choose from athletics and music and arts offerings to round-out their educational experiences.

Behind the scenes, we audit professional employees’ certification against the Government Auditing Standards (issued by the Comptroller General of the United States of America) to confirm all administrators and teachers are properly certified for the positions they hold. We also pay our teachers more than $10,000 above the U.S. average salaries.

Overall, our schools share the vision of Wallenpaupack School District’s vision statement:

The purpose of school is to

  • provide the opportunity for all students to reach their fullest potential;
  • develop in students the skills necessary to function as productive members of society;
  • provide a foundation of basic knowledge and skills;
  • develop in students the techniques necessary for lifelong learning;
  • foster a partnership between parents, students and educators.

All students are

  • entitled to an environment of learning that is safe, healthy and challenging;
  • accountable for meeting specific educational requirements;
  • life-long learners with unique needs, abilities and learning styles.

All educators should

  • keep lines of communication open with parents and students;
  • maintain high levels of expectations for students;
  • recognize and address the individuality and uniqueness of each student;
  • be knowledgeable, enthusiastic, caring and impartial.

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