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At the heart of Greene County lies Waynesburg, which serves as the geographical and commercial central seat for the county’s 40,000-plus residents.

Downtown Waynesburg continues to thrive as a popular location for a variety of specialty stores and shops, while just outside this “Main Street” area there are a number of popular restaurants, stores and shopping plazas that offer a wide array of food and merchandise for all types of shoppers.

The downtown area offers a charming “small-town” vibe and provides a multitude of fine specialty stores, many of which are owned and operated by second and third generation families. The area also showcases the talents of various local artists, whose different types of unique art works are available for sale.

The historic preservation and beautification of downtown Waynesburg continues to improve with each passing year, thanks to the efforts of nonprofit organizations such as the Waynesburg Area Chamber of Commerce and Waynesburg Prosperous & Beautiful, Inc.

In 1999, the Chamber of Commerce started an initiative to create a “Main Street” program through the National Main Street USA office for the purpose of improving the downtown Waynesburg area. It was during the beginning stages of this initiative that Waynesburg Prosperous Beautiful was born.

Waynesburg Prosperous Beautiful represents a community endeavor to preserve and revitalize historic downtown Waynesburg and raise awareness of the educational, cultural and historical opportunities as well as the convenience of shopping associated with the town. The organization has recently hired a full-time Main Street manager who explores new ways to strengthen downtown Waynesburg by focusing on the “prosperous” half of the organization’s name.

In addition to the many specialty stores and restaurants that can be found in Waynesburg and throughout the county, shoppers will also find a variety of other treats in just a short drive’s time by traveling to Washington, Uniontown and Pittsburgh, not to mention Morgantown, WV. All of these locations are within a 20- to 50-mile radius from Waynesburg.

When it comes to friendly and pleasant experiences in shopping and dining in and around Greene County, it is no surprise that Waynesburg is at the center of it all.

By Steve Barrett, Editor, Greene County Messenger

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