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Agriculture is the No. 1 Industry in Chester County. Western Chester County is proud to be home to a large concentration of farms. Hear firsthand from one of our members, Duane L. Rehmeyer of Highspire Hills Farm, LLC:

“In real estate, location is said to drive value. We can confirm that for a small farm, location also drives the value of what we produce. Highspire Hills Farm, located in western central Chester County, is the perfect location for a small farming operation.

“We live and farm in a place with access to services and suppliers that support our farm and in proximity to restaurants and markets looking for the organic and ‘direct from the farm eggs’ that we produce. Our farming practices are designed for openness and to be environmentally sustainable so that we quietly coexist with our West Brandywine Township neighbors.

“Our commitment to openness means that we regularly provide education opportunities for customers and small groups on how a producing farm operates and the day-to-day and season-to-season challenges for a small farming operation.

“Our Chamber helps to promote agribusiness in our area by actively engaging our members to locate and support these local sources of fresh produce, meat and specialty products. Buy fresh; buy local!”


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