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Western Chester County has a very strong manufacturing base with several key businesses employing thousands of full and part-time personnel. In this diverse region, our manufacturing is just as varied. Ranging from the longest continuously operating steel mill in the country to a premium builder of helicopters used around the globe for private, commercial and military use to one of the best craft beer makers in the nation, these businesses are just the start to the powerful enterprises located in our Chamber.

There are also many smaller companies with a more niche market that combined employ just as many proud workers as the types of corporations listed above. We have the only company that produces liquid rubber for the tire industry, one that machines precision titanium surgical, aerospace, marine and defense parts and another that creates precious metal anodes and solders used in the foundry and electronics industries.

Industries in the region are reaching out to the local school districts to increase awareness of the types of courses that will be needed for the next generation of skilled workers. Western Chester County’s manufacturing segment has a local community based conscience looking forward to the future of the region’s economic growth.

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