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Chamber WelcomeThe Chester County Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization made up of community leaders dedicated to the economic well-being of its members. The businesses and organizations showcased here are the very best providers of goods and services available in Chester County. As you turn these pages, you will be guided through our community. Included is a complete list of our members, and you can count on the quality of their goods and services.

The Chester County Chamber of Commerce is proud to continue making contributions to our community. As we forge the best ideas of our business, industry and service organizations into deeds and actions, we will continue to work in harmony with residents, helping to shape our community’s best future.

If your business is not a part of this dynamic organization of professional firms, we invite you to join. Your investment will help make the voice of business even stronger and help us continue our program of work to benefit the community.

Welcome to Chester County. I hope that your visit with us will be pleasant, and that you will consider making Chester County your home.



Julie Nunnery Allen


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Community OverviewWelcome to Chester County!

We, the members of the Chester County Chamber of Commerce, are proud to introduce the new Community Guide and Membership Directory to the Chester County community published by Village Profile. The businesses and organizations showcased here are your local providers of goods and services.

The Chester County Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, voluntary organization working to promote and protect the economic well-being of Chester County. Our members are dedicated to building a better community for businesses and residents alike. If your business is not a member of this active organization of businesses, industries, governments and service organizations, we invite you to join. Your investment will help make the voice of business even stronger and help us to continue our program of work to benefit Chester County.

Welcome to Chester County! It is our pleasure to live, work and grow with you.



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HistoryThe original inhabitants of Chester County were the Catawba and the Cherokee nations. White traders entered the area in the early 1700s, and the first settlers came in the 1750s, largely in the Rocky Creek and Fishing Creek areas. HistoryEarly settlers were part of the great Scots-Irish immigration south from Pennsylvania on the Great Wagon Road. Others came up from the port of Charleston. The western part of the county was settled for the most part by immigrants from Virginia, most of English extraction.

Chester County was the scene for several Revolutionary War battles, including Beckhamville, Fishing Creek and Fish Dam Ford. The City of Chester began to build up around the courthouse, founded at the site in the 1790s. It developed as a trading center for the surrounding farming areas, and grew rapidly after the location of the first railroad through the area in 1851. During the Civil War, Chester County furnished a large number of soldiers for the Confederate cause. Portions of Sherman’s troops moved through the county in the spring of 1865, bringing destruction. The Civil War and Reconstruction period which followed brought difficult economic times for the people of Chester County.History

HistoryThe county began to change from a strictly agrarian economy to a manufacturing economy with the founding of the Chester Manufacturing Company in 1888 and the Catawba Manufacturing Company in 1892. Both of these textile mills later became part of the Springs Industries textile organization. Later mills were built in Great Falls and Lando. For almost a century, the county was heavily dependent on textiles as the base of the economy. During the past 15 years, local industries have become much more diversified.



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