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Shoppers can choose from a wide variety of shops, outlets, antique stores, auctions, and much more. Greater Darlington-area merchants cheerfully offer you friendly, personalized service - real Southern hospitality! - not found in larger retail stores. Savor the best country home-cooking, as well as a variety of exciting ethnic cuisines, at the Greater Darlington area’s many restaurants. From fast food to fine dining, we’re sure to suit your taste!



The city and county maintain a consolidated recreation department to allow coordination of resources to its greatest extent. There are programs offered by the recreation department for residents of all interests and all ages, from pre-schoolers to seniors. Hunting and fishing are popular. A number of private and public facilities are available for golf, swimming and tennis. Our communities’ numerous festivals include, Society Hill’s Catfish Festival, Darlington’s Sweet Potato Festival and more - none of which you’ll want to miss! Our county library, conveniently located in Darlington SC, offers a great selection of materials for adults, youth, business and industry. Society Hill Library is one of the oldest lending libraries in South Carolina. A beautiful mural painted by "Blue Sky" was unveiled in 1985 in Darlington which still today lends its beauty to our community and all who visit.

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