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When you decide where your business should be located, you have many factors to consider: the most important of these is obviously the customer base. A second consideration is the availability and quality of the workforce. The third factor should be the quality of life for you and your employees.

It is for these very reasons that when you consider a place to work, live and play – Easley should be at the top of your list.

We are right in the middle of one of the strongest growth regions in the county, whatever the market. If you think of the South and South Carolina, in particular, as just a textile center, think again.

Automotive, electronics, machine building, agriculture (and many others) join our world-renowned textile industry. But, that is just the local question. Look where we are on the map: located exactly between Atlanta, Charlotte and Columbia. Whatever your market, you can serve it efficiently and effectively from here.

The second factor involves the availability and quality of our workforce. Eight institutions of higher education serve Easley in a 50-mile radius. All of these institutions turn out highly qualified candidates on a regular basis, and every day thousands of people leave the Easley area to work in neighboring towns and counties. These people would love to work for you – right here in Pickens County.

The final issue, of course, is quality of life. Easley is settled right in Pickens County, known as Lake and Mountain Country – for a good reason. Where else can you live in a peaceful setting and still have first-rate sports, culture and a range of things to do that you would expect to find only in a major metropolitan area?

Those factors, combined with an efficient infrastructure, a wide range of available sites and significant economic development incentives will put Easley at the top of many lists in years to come.

For these reasons and many, many more, we invite you to take a good look at Easley. After you’re through, the question will not be “Why?” but “When?

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