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With 10.6 square miles of land in the northwest corner of South Carolina, Easley has the characteristics of a small town but is large enough to accommodate a growing population and thriving economy.

A temperate climate with an average annual high of 72 degrees and an average annual low of 47.5 degree, and a geography bounty ranging from rolling farmland to towering mountains, providing just about anything a visitor or resident could want.

Recreational water sport opportunities are limitless throughout Pickens County with Lakes Keowee, Jocassee and Hartwell bordering the county. For swirling whitewaters, Chattanooga River is a bit of a drive but well worth the trip, major college sports, concerts and cultural presentations are always plentiful in the area.

Economic expansion and other opportunities have shown the promise of continuing to do well in the future has helped the county increase the population. In 2000 105,000 residents lived in Pickens County, in 2011 119,574 residents resided, while in Easley, Pickens County’s largest city, the population was 19,937.

From rural agrarian and textile-based industrial economy in the pre-World War II era, Easley and the county has extended its reach to encompass a combination of high-tech industries and multinational companies that provide a wide diversity of jobs opportunities for residents.

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