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Welcome to Edgefield County


Edgefield County consists of three small towns: Edgefield, Johnston, and Trenton. The county is best known for having produced 10 governors and 5 lieutenant governors. Senator Strom Thurmond is a native of this county. Its children helped establish Clemson, Winthrop, and Furman Universities. They have been ambassadors to Russia, served in Congress, been heroes of the Alamo, became outstanding ministers, and authored South Carolina’s Ordinance of Secession. Peaches have historically been the leading crop, accounting for a major of the county’s agricultural economy.

Founded in 1785, Edgefield Village emerged in the early part of the 1800s as a thriving center for the surrounding farmers. The entire town of Edgefield is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Johnston, with its large Victorian architecture, is a peach lover’s haven, as the area produces the vast majority of the best tasting peaches in the United States.


Trenton is a small bedroom community of wide verandas where neighbors still gather for afternoon teas and lemonade, and where SMILING FACES greet you with BEAUTIFUL PLACES.

Come and join us and see for yourself. Our door is always open……….

This updated guide will promote the area as being so diverse that it provides great opportunities for business, industry, and social climates to flourish and succeed. We encourage–even urge–you to support the some 175 members of the Chamber of Commerce by using your directory when doing business in the Edgefield County Chamber of Commerce area.

Our members have joined their resources to accomplish a specific mission, stated as follows: “The Edgefield County Chamber of Commerce is to promote a favorable business and tourism climate and to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Edgefield County.”


Also, our vision is: “The Edgefield County Chamber of Commerce is organized to enable other organizations in the county to meet their goals which promote our mission. We also seek to improve the economic status and the quality of life in the area by:

• Promoting the quality and growth of the business community;

• Increasing awareness of opportunities to improve our county through teamwork and volunteerism;

• Utilizing the unique characteristics of our county such as its historical significance, wildlife and other natural resources to bring about awareness for current and future citizens.”


On behalf of the Chamber’s officers and directors, I hope this directory will be a convenient way to find the information, services, and businesses that are important to you. Lastly, I trust it will portray our Edgefield County area for what it truly is: a profitable place to locate a business, a comfortable place to live, and a perfect place to visit.

In Chamber leadership,

Donna C. Livingston

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