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Healthcare in Edgefield County includes a wide range of specialty care as well as routine and emergency healthcare. Home health, hospice, personal care services, and emergency transportation are well established. An exhaustive array of state-of-the-art testing equipment and highly trained technicians ensure patients and physicians receive the right data to make informed diagnoses.

Edgefield County Hospital


Edgefield County Hospital is a local hospital where medical professionals, family, and friends come together to provide the healthcare needs of the community. Patients have all the comforts of being close to home while receiving advanced medical treatment.

It takes a team of associates to meet the medical needs of a growing community. The mission of Edgefield County Hospital is “to provide quality and appropriate care to all people.” We have fully qualified and certified associates providing appropriate healthcare here in our community.

ECH is a Critical Access Hospital with 25 acute beds. Our physicians are trained by some of the best Medical Colleges in the U.S. However, if a medical need arises that requires a more intensive treatment plan, we have partnerships with area hospitals that become involved in the diagnosis and treatment of our patients.

Aiken Regional Medical Centers


The campus of Aiken Regional Medical Centers includes several specialty centers. The Cardiovascular Institute of Carolina takes a team approach for a high level of individualized care. Aiken Regional Medical Centers’ expert neurologic teams are specially trained to treat urgent stroke symptoms 24 hours a day and offer advanced interventional treatment and diagnostic capabilities, complemented by a longtime tradition of responsive, compassionate care. The Wound Healing Institute now houses two new Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers and treatment options for people with non-healing wounds. The Cancer Care Institute of Carolina is the most comprehensive cancer treatment center in the region, integrating all therapy and diagnostic treatments in one location. The Diabetes & Nutrition Teaching Center was the first diabetes education program in the Central Savannah River Area to receive recognition by the American Diabetes Association.

ARMC’s comprehensive community education and outreach program has something for everyone in the community. The hospital holds quarterly seminars at locations throughout the county as part of an outreach partnership. The seminars feature timely health topics and are open to the public.

“We take our role as a corporate citizen seriously,” said Melissa Summer, Director of marketing at ARMC. “Our education and outreach programs are one way we can give back to the community and make a positive difference in the lives of local families.”

Personal Care

There are two family practice physician, four dental, and one eye care physician facilities in the county.

Hospice Care

Hospice Care is devoted to helping patients remain alert and free of or in control of pain so quality time can be spent with their loved ones. Hospice doesn’t hasten or postpone death. In fact, if a patient’s condition improves, or the disease goes into remission, he or she can be discharged from the hospice program and restarted on standard therapies.

While hospice programs are tailored to each individual’s needs, they follow an interdisciplinary approach of care that may involve patients’ personal physicians, hospice physicians, nurses, home health aides, social workers, clergy, counselors, trained volunteers, and, in some cases, physical and occupational therapists.

Each team member has his or her role: Physicians and nurses visit a patient’s home to make sure the medical care is appropriate and the patient stays comfortable. Home health aides see to it that personal care, such as meal preparation, bathing and dressing, is taken care of. Trained volunteers stay with the patient to give caregivers a break. The program also provides medical equipment, such as hospital beds, medical supplies and pain medicines. The team is available for the patient and family 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Elder Care

The Edgefield County Senior Citizens Council located in Edgefield, mission statement is to promote the well-being and to enhance the quality of life for older adults of Edgefield County, and to carry out activities and services that encourage independence and continuing participation of the community. The gateway to services, transportation, activities and information for older adults and their families, in Edgefield County.

There is also an adult day care center, located in Johnston.

Animal Care

There are two veterinarian clinics in Edgefield County, along with a pet rescue mission operation in the county, All God’s Creatures Pet Rescue.

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