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Mauldin! “Our Time has Come” is a phrase that can readily be seen in action through the new development happening all throughout the city of Mauldin. From expanding programming at its cultural center, giving residents and business a sense of community, increased quality of life and a defining place, to the burgeoning office mecca along I-385 corridor, Mauldin is a town on the move.

Peripherally, the city continues to expand its commercial, industrial and residential offerings. Brookfield Office Park and the surrounding area has seen its best year to date with the announcement of Morley; launching a new diversified customer service company bringing more than 270 new jobs, Anyone Home Inc. opening a call center and expecting to hire 570 workers over the next five years and TTI, Turbine Technologies Inc., a power systems supplier that will ultimately hire 50-75 people with a focus on hiring veterans. As well, “several projects coming through the pipeline of development” will add another $200 million plus in development and well over 1,000 jobs should they come to fruition”; according to City Administrator Trey Eubanks.

Additionally CUICAR and what looks like the real possibility of landing an industrial unit at Mauldin’s last certified site, thanks to the work of retired economic director John Gardner, peripheral generators of business are coming into their own and impacting the local community in ways beyond business development. More business means more housing and service industry needs.

While the peripheral picture for the city is bright, Mauldin has plenty of infill opportunities within its developing downtown that will drive the landscape for the next several years. There are plenty of developers, residential and commercial, who are beginning to look at the ripeness of the market and drawing their own conclusions. One need look no further than the development of Tropical Grille on North Main to see what kind of impact a $1 million dollar investment will make in the city. A little further up North Main and the final steps of a new 18,000-square-foot federal project will greatly impact the palate of 276. To add to these exciting projects are the impressive demographics that make Mauldin a standout opportunity. Best median household income in the county, highest disposable income available, highest on time graduation rate in the county boasted at Mauldin High School and a recent boost in its financial rating to 2-AA gives one a sense that this city’s time has come. North and south, there is a redevelopment palate waiting for visionary investors willing to take on the challenge of an ever changing dynamic.

If that wasn’t enough excitement and enthusiasm to keep the city hopping for a while, the city garnered some very impressive accolades through social media:

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The city continues to work hard at recruiting developing partners to help enhance the corridors and entryways of the city and expects that over the next year or two citizens will begin to see some really exciting opportunities come to fruition. Even with all the enthusiasm that seems to be growing, there is a great group of businesses who have paved the way to make Mauldin a great place for all.

“It’s really good to be part of the dynamic changes and growth our city is experiencing,” said Mauldin Mayor Dennis Raines, who is serving his second term. “It takes a team to make it all happen and with a great council, staff and input from citizens, Mauldin’s time has really come!”

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