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Mauldin Middle School: A Tradition of Excellence

When you arrive on Mauldin Middle School’s campus and walk through the hallways it quickly becomes evident why the school is considered to be one of the best middle schools in Greenville County.

The Principal of Mauldin Middle School is Christopher Kilian, and he is in his second year as principal of the school. He expressed his feeling about the school in this way: “Mauldin Middle School is a very special place because of the remarkable people we have here. Our students, faculty, staff and parent community care greatly about helping our students reach their full potential. It is this strong partnership with the community that makes our school so exceptional. It is our goal to create a collaborative learning community and to prepare all students to become life-long learners who are responsible and productive citizens.”

The motto for the faculty and staff at Mauldin Middle School is Professional Excellence. Every Minute. Every Day. The faculty and staff understand the great responsibility they have when working with the students. “We are not making a product or selling an item,” Kilian said, “We are working with great kids every day and recognize the impact we have on them will last a lifetime. Our faculty and staff understand this wonderful responsibility. The students are our future and we believe that the future is very bright.”

Mauldin Middle School opened in the fall of 1999 and has almost 1,000 students. The faculty and staff consists of 66 certified teachers, four administrators, and 30 staff members. In addition to helping students develop world class skills and life and career characteristics by their course offerings, they also are continuing to integrate technology into their curriculum to improve student learning. During the 2016-2017 school year, all students at Mauldin Middle School received a Chromebook which is used for instructional purposes. These Chromebooks are utilized by the teachers and the students to enhance the degree of learning.

The academic program at Mauldin Middle School is extremely competitive and they pride themselves in providing students with the opportunity to take seven courses for high school credit. Students may embark in a more rigorous course load by advancing to Algebra I, Geometry, English 1, Spanish, Virtual PE, Google Basics and Keyboarding for high school credit. This in turn allows the student to take more AP courses once they enter high school.

A scheduling committee was formed last school year to identify a new bell schedule which would best meet the evolving needs of students and teachers. The new bell schedule, which was adopted for the 2016-2017 school year, provides students with an additional related arts period. Students now have two periods of related arts each school day. This additional related arts period is extremely valuable for the future success of our students as they explore areas in which they are passionate. The new bell schedule also provides students with “flex time,” a period of additional instructional time during the school day set aside specifically for teachers to meet students where they are academically. Students receive either assistance in a content area in which they are struggling, enrichment in a content area in which they are excelling, or individualized guidance in completing their assigned academic tasks from teachers.

Mauldin Middle School has made a concerted effort to recognize the wonderful achievements attained by their students. A five part student recognition plan has been implemented to celebrate students’ successes. This five part recognition program includes the Principal’s Honor Roll, A/B Honor Roll, B.U.G. (Bringing Up Grades) Honor Roll, Premium Outdoor Lunch Passes, and the monthly Mustang Excellence Award. These recognitions are earned by students who demonstrate academic excellence, model exceptional citizenship, and exude strong leadership skills.

The students at Mauldin Middle School have the opportunity to participate in many extracurricular activities. Some of these activities include basketball, softball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, National Junior Beta Club, Sandlapper Club, Girl’s Science Club, Battle of the Brains, Student Council, Be A Fan Club, STEP Team, yearbook, school music and drama performances, band, strings, choral competitions and concerts and many more.

It is clear that Mauldin Middle School is committed to creating an environment which helps students reach their full potential. “It is an honor to be the principal at such a wonderful school with amazing students and staff,” Kilian said. “I welcome all potential parents and students to check out the many exciting opportunities taking place at our school.”

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