If Spartanburg County’s prosperity is due to its "location, location, location," then newcomers and long-timers alike will find that this community has a "location" to suit everyone. Diversity is the name of the game when it comes to Spartanburg County’s choices of neighborhoods and types of housing available.

A comfortable ranch with plenty of room to spread out with kids, pets, or just you and that special person. A stately older home complemented by a well-manicured lawn. An elegant waterfront home on one of Spartanburg’s many beautiful lakes. Perhaps a sprawling home with a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Maybe you want a small patio home with low maintenance and great community amenities.graphic

Spartanburg County has it all. Numerous housing subdivisions offering a friendly neighborhood setting can be found throughout Spartanburg County. New patio home and condominium developments offer a cozy setting without the hassle of a lot of yard work.

For those who don’t want to live within the confines of the city or of planned subdivisions, there is an abundance of farmland, providing the opportunity for anyone yearning to exercise a "green thumb."

If you prefer luxury or resort housing, Spartanburg has the dream home for you! Homes near a number of fine golf courses or at a country club are perfect spots for those who prefer the amenities associated with resort life.

A wide variety of apartments and other rental properties are also available in Spartanburg.

Not only are the type and price of your home important, the proximity to your work, school, church, and recreational activities are factors to consider. Spartanburg provides an excellent road system, easily linking all parts of the county. The county’s seven school districts provide schools located near the "bedroom" centers of each area.

With religious roots dating back to 1765, Spartanburg County has long been an area that holds its churches and their activities in high regard. A sturdy moral fiber knits the community together. Combine these features with traditional values, and you can conclude that Spartanburg is an ideal place to raise a family.

Spartanburg County is home to more than 200 congregations representing 30 denominations. While these churches minister to their entire congregations as a whole, special groups are served by a number of programs. Outreach projects orchestrated by the churches include "Mobile Meals" for the elderly and underprivileged. Several churches provide kindergartens and day-care centers.

Local churches often bond with civic groups, approximately 250 in the area, to serve the interests of the community. The Shepherd’s Center, a support organization for older residents, resulted from the combined efforts of 16 area churches and synagogues. Local civic groups foster a wide variety of social activities, in addition to contributing to community beautification and caring for those in need.

Making Spartanburg "home" entails more than finding just the right house. Blessed with a host of housing opportunities and all of the civic activities one could want, our county is certain to be the perfect match for you and your family.


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