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Important Information

Population of Summerville 27,752 *
Population, 2003 estimate 31,734 **
Population of
Dorchester County 96,413 *
Population, 2004 estimate 107,004 **

Median Family Income
of Dorchester County $50,177
Median Household Income
of Dorchester County $43,316
Per Capita Income
of Dorchester County $18,840

Percent high school graduate
or higher in Dorchester County 82.2
Percent bachelor's
degree or higher 21.4
Percent graduate or
professional degree 7.3

*Source: U. S. Bureau of the Census, Census 2000

CLIMATE (Moderate)
Mean temperature 65.6
Average Daily High 75.5
Average Rainfall 51.53
Average Relative Humidity 76.0
Average Days of Sunshine 230

The Charleston area's mild year-round climate is reflected in the Lowcountry lifestyle, with oyster roasts in January and flower festivals in early April. Summer brings beach season and autumn means the fish are biting. Gardening is a year-round passion, with the annual growing season lasting 294 days.

Spring begins in early March, with azaleas, dogwoods and other bloomers virtually exploding onto the scene throughout the month. With summer comes higher heat and humidity, but temperatures rarely exceed 100° F and coastal breezes help cool the air.

Winter falls gradually around December and is generally over by mid-February. Mild winter temperatures average between 47° F and 52° F.


Summerville, SC Chamber

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