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Keeping the Faith

Residents have always made religion an important part of their lives. The first laws of the Carolinas guaranteed religious freedom for settlers and thus lured an assortment of immigrants to colonial Charles Towne. By 1704, Charles Towne and the surrounding area, including Summerville, had become a Mecca for people of all faiths. Today Summerville's churches still reflect the diversity of worshippers. An ever-growing number of denominations form a vital part of community life and service. As Summerville grows, so do its churches, in size and membership.

Some of the churches represented include: African Methodist Episcopal, Assemblies of God, Baptist, Catholic, Charismatic Episcopal, Church of God, Eastern Orthodox Christian, Episcopal, Jehovah's Witness, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Lutheran, Methodist, Nazarene, Non-Denominational, Pentecostal Holiness, Presbyterian, and Seventh Day Adventist. There is a Jewish Synagogue in Charleston.

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Summerville, SC Chamber

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