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Joachim Hintz, a German immigrant carpenter, built the twelve-sided Turnverein Pavilion in 1897, named after Turnverein Gut Heil, an organized group of dance enthusiasts. In constant use for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, reunions, banquets, antiques shows and the like, the beloved Pavilion still plays a central role in the social, civic and cultural life of Bellville.


Pine Concordia Gesang-Verein was organized in the 1850’s by a group of singing enthusiasts. Initially they met in a schoolhouse but soon built a home of their own. Unfortunately that hall was destroyed by the storm of 1900. The present hall was built in 1901 with lumber from the old building. The organization’s name was changed to Bellville Concordia in 1938, just prior to the outbreak of World War II.

In 1996 the Bellville Lions Club purchased Concordia Hall and completed the restoration work in 1999. Today, it is a perfect location for a variety of gatherings.

graphicTHE BELL

This bell was in the clock tower of the majestic old Austin County Courthouse, which burned in 1960. Demolition workers discovered the cracked, but still intact bell, which had fallen through five floors during the fire. Restored by the Bellville Historical Society, the bell is displayed at the eastern side of the Austin County Courthouse.


The Museum was built in 1896, by F.B. & W.S. Hull Builders of Dallas, Texas, under contract to Pauly Jail Building Company of St. Louis, Missouri. The building consists of three complete stories plus a fourth smaller area known as the "gallows." The gallows were used only once, on March 14th, 1901. The last prisoner was removed from this building on May 17th, 1982.




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