graphicWith Cedar Hill’s 61% growth spurt in the last decade, we’ve also witnessed an amazing corresponding surge in a wide array of health care services, doctors and dentists who have moved their offices to Cedar Hill. And, of course, that’s great news for all Cedar Hill citizens. Cedar Hill is also proud home to a nursing home and two assisted living centers for seniors, the Crescent Point and Sterling House. Whether you have sniffles or a serious illness, you can choose to get treatment from any of several family-oriented practices, pediatricians, chiropractors, MDs, DOs, specialists and surgeons, and hospitals, should the need arise. And if you’re more in to alternative care, we have several health-oriented spas and masseuses in the area.

For more serious medical needs, Charlton Hospital is just down the highway, off of Highway 67 on Wheatland Road. Charlton is a full service hospital celebrating a quarter of century of service to the Best Southwest area. And at that, plans and construction are underway to expand facilities. Yet if you choose to venture toward Dallas or Fort Worth for hospital treatment, you can choose from one of many other local hospitals. Just pick up the local yellow pages, and you’ll find many hospitals and several of national note; including but not limited to: Baylor Hospital, Methodist Hospital; St. Paul’s Hospital; Parkland Hospital and UT Southwest; Medical City; Presbyterian Hospital, Medical City, and others.

graphicHopefully, you’ll remain healthy, happy and robust! But if you should need medical attention, you’re in the right place right here in Cedar Hill, Texas.

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