Welcome to Houston County

The Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome you to Houston County. We are here to advance the civic, commercial, industrial and general interest of the county and its residents.

The community looks to the Chamber of Commerce and our membership for leadership and solutions to business problems. At times, the Chamber is a “watchdog” for both state and national legislation that could affect local businesses by stepping in and being a voice for our community. It is our pleasure to help new businesses move in (creating more jobs and revenue for Houston County) as well as to refer customers to our local stores and services.

In Houston County, the Chamber acts as a hub for businesses and individuals, and it helps visitors and newcomers to enjoy Houston County to the fullest.

As a member-driven organization, the Chamber of Commerce encourages its members to participate in a variety of activities that contribute to the quality of life and future growth of Houston County.

Through all of our varied activities, one thing is certain; we are proud to promote Houston County to the world.


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