Competitive Business Environment

Houston County has coordinated efforts with the State of Texas and taken an aggressive approach to creating a competitive business environment, resulting in average operating costs lower than other markets.

Due to Houston County’s well-educated and well-trained labor force, various industries thrive here. Industries that conduct operations here include light industrial firms, diversified manufacturers, large warehouses and a multitude of offices and service industries.

The first-rate facilities that support them are also important. Further industrial development receives full support from the Crockett Economic and Industrial Development Corporation, which strives to coordinate efforts with the Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce. Forming a partnership that promotes further success in business, industry and commerce throughout Houston County, this partnership provides a wealth of information throughout the public and private sectors.

Major strides have been made in stimulating the growth of Houston County’s industrial sector with the development of the Crockett Industrial Park. With the combined elements of the industrial park and the area’s very affordable cost of living, Houston County has become one of the most cost-efficient areas in the East Texas Region.


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