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The state’s emphasis on quality healthcare and healthy lifestyle choices combined with year-round outdoor activities means that Texas has one of the highest life expectancy figures and one of the lowest infant mortality rates. In fact, Texans have an average life expectancy of nearly 78 years.

The state is committed to providing the most comprehensive healthcare available, and Houston County is no exception. Due to advancements in the medical industry and medical research, Texas has a reputation for some of the best critical care services in the nation. Houston County’s residents have fast, convenient access to nearby community hospitals, a variety of clinics and a coordinated network of emergency services that provide state-of-the-art medical care.

The East Texas Medical Center in Crockett (ETMC) offers a new spiral CT scanner, ultrasound, laboratory services, outpatient rehabilitation services, advanced treatments, therapies, sports medicine and pediatric services.

In addition to ETMC, there are four rural health clinics, 36 doctors and 11 dentists that practice in Crockett. County emergency medical services and helicopter service is also available.


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