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The City of Duncanville was incorporated in 1947 and operates under a council-manager form of government – the most popular form of municipal government in the United States. Under Duncanville’s council-manager form of government, five single-member district council members represent the residents in their geographic districts. One council member is elected at-large, as is the mayor, to represent all citizens.

The council hires a city manager, who is responsible for administering and coordinating municipal operations and programs on a daily basis. While the entire city staff strives to provide quality services to residents, the Duncanville Police Department is one of the most well-trained and efficient operations in the nation. Additionally, two fire stations house our highly trained firefighters and paramedic staff. Both departments boast exceptional response times.

One of Duncanville’s most prized assets is its citizens and their diversity. Notably, Duncanville was one of the first cities in Texas to become an NLC Inclusive Community. The goal of this community focus is to celebrate diversity throughout the city and to persuade people of all ethnicities, religions, and classes to join together for citywide responsibility.

The Duncanville City Council just completed their 2016 planning retreat and adopted a new Mission Statement. The city council’s mission is to “Build a vibrant, inclusive organization, driven by a commitment to democratic principles and service before self.” They also adopted four pillars that support the Mission Statement and serve to frame future Council decision-making and organizational action to lead Duncanville to its bright and vibrant future. The four pillars are: (1) Most engaged citizens in America; (2) Best housing values in Texas; (3) Be the basketball capital of Texas; (4) Be the “edutainment” capital of Texas.

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