graphicHereford and Deaf Smith County can look forward to a bright future as well as reflect on a rich and colorful past. Its history is one of a small town developing alone in the middle of what was once a part of the great open range lands of the XIT Ranch, in the High Plains of Texas. Named for the Hereford cattle that were brought to this county in 1898 to improve the meat production of the longhorn herds, Hereford remains deeply rooted in agriculture. Hereford, or as residents say it, "Herfurd", welcomes you to our community with all of its advantages.

Located in the Texas Panhandle where U.S. Highway 60 and U.S. Highway 385 intersect, Hereford has a population of 14,667. The altitude of 3,800 feet above sea level assures residents a pleasant climate with an annual mean temperature of 57defrees F - moderate winters and warm summers. The annual rainfall of 19.21 inches is supplemented with water from the Ogalalla and Santa Rosa aquifers.

Dubbed "the town without a toothache," Hereford is blessed with natural fluoride in the water supply, which makes tooth decay an infrequent ailment. A diet of fresh produce and livestock raised on the fresh underground water keeps area residents healthy and happy. Looking out over the irrigated fields and their abundant crops, it is hard to believe that this area was once called a desert. As one of the early gardeners said, "You can grow anything with irrigation and this good soil!" Hereford and Deaf Smith County have all the essentials that go together to make up a prosperous and progressive center for business and industry in the great High Plains of West Texas.

graphicTo those who call the High Plains home, there is no better place to live. With its wide open spaces and unobstructed skyline, spectacular sunrises and sunsets become a photographer's paradise. Astronomers are afforded an unequaled opportunity to view the glories of the clear crisp night sky. Recreational activities abound for all ages. Golf, bowling, year-round swimming, rodeo, and other various programs for adults and children provide opportunities for all kinds of sports. Picnicking, hiking, movies, concerts, scouting programs, and community-wide celebrations round out the fun. Hereford, home of the championship "Hostile Herd," is proud of its excellent public school system which includes a high school, one junior high and six elementary schools on attractive campuses. Christian education, K-4 through high school, is available through four private schools. Hereford is centrally located among five community colleges and four universities.

A friendly place with housing available to match every budget and lifestyle, you'll find all the vital ingredients necessary for work, play and raising a family. As one visitor put it, "Hereford may be known as the 'Cattle Feeding Capital of the World,' but...I will always think of it as the 'Friendliest Town in Texas'."



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