graphicgraphicThe chief industry of Hereford and surrounding area is cattle feeding, making Deaf Smith County number one in the world for beef production. Hereford is known as "Beef Capital of the World," with more than 3 million head of cattle fed annually within a 50 mile radius of the city.

Most of the manufacturing and processing industries in the county are agribusiness related. The plants include a sugar refinery, a pet food manufacturer, a flour mill, agricultural chemical blending plants, beef processors, feed mills, grain elevators, irrigation equipment manufacturing and maintenance plants, and farm equipment maintenance shops. The city also has several highly skilled metal fabricating, sheet metal and welding shops, as well as certified seed companies. Farmers continue to produce grain sorghum, wheat, corn, and cotton as major crops. Area businesses and services depend heavily on the local trucking industry for transportation of goods. We even have our own local "used cow dealer."

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