The spiritual guidance and fellowship of believers inspired early settlers to build the first churches in Hereford. With more than 24 houses of worship (English, Spanish, and bi-lingual), residents and visitors will find many faiths extending a friendly hand of welcome. The Christian way of life is evident in many community activities, and all churches join in inviting new residents to worship and find a place of service according to their own convictions.

The Hereford Ministerial Alliance was established in an effort to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the community. The alliance has established a friendly association based solely on the shared foundation of Jesus Christ as the Lord of their faith, without losing personal distinction or imposing additional doctrine upon any church. Through the cooperative efforts of the Ministerial Alliance, the annual community-wide Thanksgiving Service, Baccalaureate Service, the March for Jesus, and Unity Services are made possible.

- Assembly of God
- Baptist
- Catholic
- Church of Christ
- Church of God
- Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
- Church of the Nazarene
- Episcopal
- Interdenominational
- JehovahÕs Witness
- Lutheran
- Methodist
- Pentecostal
- Presbyterian
- Seventh Day Adventist

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