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The first Commissioners Court was held in 1846, the same year the City of Livingston was selected by a vote to be the county seat. Today, Commissioners Court is made up of four elected Precinct Commissioners and headed by the County Judge. Each precinct is divided equally to represent the residents of the county. Close to 50,000 people currently reside in Polk County.

Commissioners Court is responsible for conducting the business of the county and maintaining the road and bridge system. There are over 800 miles of county maintained roads in the Polk County Road and Bridge System.

Incorporated cities in Polk County include Livingston (in Precinct 4), Corrigan and Seven Oaks (in Precinct 3), Onalaska (in Precinct 2) and Goodrich (in Precinct 1). Each city exists under the general law systems of government, which allows for a mayor and five elected council members.

Law enforcement in the county is served by dedicated city police forces, county sheriff and deputies, state troopers, Texas ranger and game wardens within the Texas Parks and Wildlife system.

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