Greetings LHCC Members & Friends,

Thank you for making the second edition of our Membership Directory a reality on behalf of our Board of Director I say “Muchas Gracias.” Our most sincere appreciation goes to our advertisers for their interest and continued support of LHCC. This book will reach many consumers, many of them from our ever growing Hispanic Market which is projected to surpass two (2) billion in purchasing power in Lubbock and surrounding areas by the end of the year. So you have made a wise investment.

The Lubbock Hispanic Chamber is a member driven organization and actively promotes “Buy from Members.” We sincerely believe in helping one another grow and expand our businesses, so we urge you to use this book when looking for any kind of merchandise, product, and/or service. As Hispanic purchasing power grows so should our selection process. Please support your Hispanic businesses and those companies that contribute to the well being of our people.

LHCC is excited and proud of the partnering and unity developing among our three chambers which includes the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce and the African American Chamber. Our community is being enveloped by our sincere desire to bring all citizens together for the growth and prosperity of Lubbock and surrounding areas. LHCC strives to fulfill our mission which is “Building, enhancing and promoting Lubbock while focusing on minority businesses.” Let’s build a model city we can all be proud of!

Esther Sepeda
LHCC President/CEO


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