Mesquite Chamber of Commerce

A Strong Commerce Sector

A significant portion of Mesquite’s economy is driven by a flourishing tourist industry. Visitors, both for pleasure and business, bring more than $68.4 million in revenue to Mesquite. Nearly 500 jobs in the city are directly related to tourism, while more than 5,000 jobs are indirectly tourism-related (including restaurant and retail work).

Industry also thrives in Mesquite, due in part to the many incentive programs available for new and existing businesses. Tax abatement, dollar credits per job created, relocation assistance, Section 380 sales tax rebates, and free or discounted land are among the many incentives available to qualifying businesses. But what really makes the local commerce sector viable is a combination of facilities and amenities, such as access to a quality workforce, a stable local government with a proven track record, and convenient transportation options.

Industrial space is available throughout Mesquite, including more than 600 acres surrounding the Mesquite Metropolitan Airport.


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