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Nearly 30 churches from 12 different religious affiliations offer weekly worship services in Midlothian, but the message of hope doesn’t end at the pulpits. These houses of worship are committed to a wide variety of interfaith outreach programs and celebrations. For our youngsters and youth there are camps, Bible schools, field trips, and fall festivals. Some of the services that our local churches offer our adults are Mother’s Day Out, daycare services, and self-improvement classes, such as yoga and family-oriented seminars.


One of Midlothian’s interfaith programs, the Ministerial Alliance, is very active in the community. Among other activities and projects, the organization significantly contributes to MANNA House and provides board management. MANNA House coordinates more than 1200 cases of assistance in a given year. This includes assistance from school supply needs for needy children, to utilities assistance for troubled families, to home visits for senior citizens.

The city’s churches are rich in history and are some of Ellis County's oldest and most finely preserved buildings. Facilities range from quaint, old historical structures dating from the mid 1800s to modern, more contemporary architecture. Several of these churches are experiencing significant growth and are in the process of building new structures or expanding their existing facilities.

The churches of Midlothian welcome you and your family and invite you to visit the faith community of your choice.

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