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Industrial Development

Industrial Development

While the commercial and retail sectors continue to grow and diversify the economy in Midlothian, the industrial sector has also experienced significant development. In addition to the manufacturing of Portland cement, Midlothian is also home to three distribution centers, an automobile processing center, an electric generation company, several steel enterprises and many other manufacturing companies. Midlothian’s three major industrial areas are the U.S. Highway 67 Corridor, the Auto Park and RailPort.

The U.S. Highway 67 Corridor is located on the west side of Midlothian and is the main industrial area of the city. Midlothian’s three cement plants, Ash Grove Texas, Holcim Cement and TXI Midlothian Cement, are all located along U.S. Hwy 67. Air Products & Chemicals, Martech, Inc., Niagara LaSalle and Gerdau Ameristeel are also located on U.S. Hwy 67. Numerous other smaller companies are to be found in the area as well.

The Auto Park is a 600-acre automobile processing and distribution center on the northeast side of Midlothian. Started by MidTexas International Center, Inc. in the early 1980s, The Auto Park is a secured, private facility with direct dual rail access from UP and BNSF. Additionally, highway access is excellent with U.S. Hwy 67 fronting the property.

The Auto Park offers other unique features to its users including a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ 113), which permits tax exemptions for users dealing in imported goods. There is 24-hour on-site security in the development and all interior roadways are closed to public traffic. In addition, vehicles are protected with the state-of-the-art ENVIRO-GARD™ environmental protection system where vehicles are protected from ultra-violet deterioration, exterior paint surfaces and interior materials, and inclement weather conditions. The ENVIRO-GARD™ system also provides a favorable work environment for employees during the warm summer months. Vehicle processing services include vehicle cleaning, accessory installation, paint and body work, pre-delivery services, long-term storage, quality control programs, countermeasure procedures, electronic data interchange and rail loading/unloading.

Approximately 50 percent of the land in The Auto Park is currently developed with a full-service automobile distribution and processing center in the southern portion and an intermodel rail/truck transload facility in the northern portion. Toyota Motor Sales, Mazda North America and Kia Motors America all take advantage of The Auto Park’s services and Foreign Trade Zone status. MidTexas takes a flexible approach to the development by working with each user to design a facility that meets their particular needs, while insuring high quality and consistency within The Auto Park.

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