Waxahachie Government

Waxahachie is a City Manager/Council form of Home Rule government. The citizens elect a five-member Council, and the Council appoints the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem from within the Council members. The Council also appoints boards and commissions, a City Attorney and Prosecutor, City Secretary and Municipal Court Judge. The City Manager and Assistant City Manager oversee the day-to-day operations and working departments of the city.

fire station

The City of Waxahachie has adopted a Comprehensive Plan, and utilizes Strategic Planning, along with a Zoning Ordinance (which governs the use of various properties).

The city is responsible for residential waste collection, water treatment and distribution and for sewage collection and treatment. The city water sources are Lake Bardwell and Lake Waxahachie.

Police protection is provided by a staff of 52 (41 full-time police officers) and headed by the Chief of Police. In addition, the department has a S.W.A.T. emergency responding team and a community service liaison.

Fire protection for Waxahachie is provided by a team of 39 full-time fire fighters (38 are paramedic and EMT certified), and the fire team also includes a fire marshal and two inspectors. The fire department teams operate out of two fire stations.

Waxahachie is equipped with an Emergency Broadcasting System (EBS) — a city-wide civil defense warning system — for use in weather and major emergency situations.

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