Waxahachie Healthcare

Healthcare in Waxahachie is an outstanding mix of professional medical teams, advanced technology and superior medical facilities.


Baylor Medical Center, a 66-bed, state-of-the-art hospital, is the largest medical facility in Ellis County. Baylor employs 457 people, and Baylor Waxahachie sees more than 28,000 emergency patients each year and processes more than 25,000 outpatient visits for day surgery and diagnostic imaging each year.

Completion of a $15 million dollar expansion of the facility in 2002 advanced Waxahachie’s medical and technological capabilities to those not typically available at ex-urban medical centers. These recent technological advances have increased healthcare opportunities and patient benefits by hastening diagnosis, reducing discomfort and improving recovery time.

A highly advanced medical staff of 55 active physicians (out of a total team of 134 provisional and courtesy physicians) represent more than 20 medical and surgical specialties.

Additional medical specialists serving Waxahachie include: pediatricians, dentists, eye care professionals, chiropractors, podiatry clinics, sports medicine, pharmacists and rehabilitation clinics.

BaylorWorx of Waxahachie provides a full range of rehabilitation and fitness services, including physical/occupational therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes education and a complete fitness facility.

The YMCA of Waxahachie offers a wide range of health and wellness programs to the community, including youth sports programs, after-school care, children camps and health/fitness programs for adults and seniors.


Successful and progressive planning programs for the ongoing healthcare of Waxahachie residents includes addressing the need for senior care and long-term health facilities. This is evidenced by the establishment of numerous quality care facilities and assisted-living units for seniors.

The ease in accessibility of home healthcare services, medical supplies/rental services and hospice care programs further demonstrate Waxahachie’s caring and aggressive healthcare environment.

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