graphicFaith keepers

spiritual revival is at the heart of a growing number of churches sprouting up in Franklin County. Addressing spiritual and community needs, the county’s churches are leading the way to a better way of life for our residents. Several houses of worship representing most every major religious denomination are located throughout the area. There are a wide range of Christian denominations as well as some nondenominational and interdenominational congregations. Temples and synagogues are nearby in Roanoke.

graphicBesides offering regular worship services and religious education, many provide their congregation members with opportunities to serve the community through outreach programs, food pantries and other social services. Through their dedication, Franklin County's faith community moves forward with a vision beyond that of brick and mortar. The county is blessed with a strong base of people who believe that it is not what you take from the community but what you give back that makes the difference in our lives.


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