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The Hopewell-Prince George County area is steeped in history, thanks to its location at the confluence of the Appomattox and James Rivers. During the Civil War era, river travel was one of the most efficient means of transportation—so it is no wonder Ulysses S. Grant established his headquarters along the James River in City Point (current-day Hopewell). City Point became a center of activity for the Union Army and became one of the busiest ports in the world for a brief time. This location served as the place where Grant organized the significant Siege of Petersburg and was the destination in which Grant, President Lincoln and other military leaders met to discuss reunification of the country at the culmination of the war. Visitors today are welcome to tour the headquarters as well as the City Point Open Air Museum, a self-guided walking tour of 24 Civil War historical points of interest.

Residents and guests can also learn more about Hopewell’s rich past at the City Point Early History Museum at St. Dennis Chapel. The museum, located in the National Historic District, displays a host of artifacts and engaging exhibits that reflect the community’s heritage through the colonial era, the Civil War era and the early 20th Century.

Overlooking the Appomattox River, the Weston Manor is an elegant 18th Century Georgian-style mansion that was built by William and Christian Eppes Gilliam in 1789. Today, the Weston Manor is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is lined with much of the original interior. Available from April 1st through October 31st, the tour is comprised of all three levels of the home, as well as the surrounding grounds and gardens.

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