graphicFrom antebellum mansions and turn-of-the-century cottages to modern suburban communities and all-inclusive retirement residences, Loudoun County offers a home to suit every need. As we have grown, we have taken care to ensure that our development provides the modern conveniences so many demand, while protecting the integrity of the heritage we hold dear. As a result, contemporary housing developments coexist with 18th century estates and sprawling, scenic farms. The county’s growth has been planned to complement the area’s history; care has been taken to preserve the tradition while we progress, and it shows.

It would be difficult to come to Loudoun and not find everything you’re looking for in a home. Whether you want an apartment or townhouse, newly built single-family home or 18th century estate, 19th century farm or full-service retirement community, Loudoun’s housing options accommodate the full spectrum at prices to fit every budget. Add in Loudoun County’s natural beauty, close proximity to Washington, D.C., and full complement of services and amenities, and you have all of the ingredients for an ideal place to start out on your own, raise a family or retire.

Loudoun offers more than 14 distinct towns and villages, as well as a number of smaller hamlets from which to choose. From the contemporary developments in the eastern part of Loudoun to the historic towns and villages in the western part of the county, dating back to the county’s very beginning, you need only to decide between modern and traditional and tailor your search from there.

Retirement living in Loudoun is also diverse and always top of the line.

Communities such as Falcon’s Landing, Heritage Hall, Leisure World, Morningside House, and Sunrise Assisted Living offer a wide range of programs, all levels of assistance, and special amenities that make seniors feel at home.

Experience Loudoun’s residential living possibilities for yourself. Visit our neighborhood communities. Take a drive in the countryside and acquaint yourself with our historic towns. Check out our beautiful farm properties and centuries-old estates. Chances are, your visit will tell you everything Loudouners already know–it’s easy to call our county "home sweet home."

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