The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce will serve as the "Voice of Business" and ensure the growth and development of new and existing businesses in Loudoun County. To accomplish this, the roles in which we will serve are:

• PROVIDER... of services and referrals that attract consumers.

• FACILITATOR... to networks of businesses with common interests.

• ADVOCATE... for a pro-business public policy agenda.

• EDUCATOR... on the benefits of having an attractive, productive business climate.

The constituents of the Chamber include new and existing businesses in the Loudoun County area.

graphicThe Chamber’s key areas of pursuit include:

• Business Development

• Small Business Development

• Public Policy

• Community Relations

• Membership Services

Goals FOR 2002

For the benefit of our members we will:

• Keep the Chamber user-friendly.

• Serve our membership with excellence in all we do.

• Provide leadership in public policy issues.

• Be an innovator in the use of technology.

• Recognize the diversity of the County and be open to all.

• Continue to strengthen our financial position.


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