The people of McLean are not governed at the community level. Being an unincorporated town, the citizens fall under the laws, policies and tax regulations of Fairfax County. There is a ten-member Board of Supervisors.

Nine members in each magisterial district are elected by the voters, and the tenth, the chairman, is elected at large. The Board appoints a county executive, who is responsible for the overall administration of the county government. The Board of Supervisors meets two Mondays each month. There is a recess during August.

Fairfax County offers its citizens a wide variety of services: one of the largest school systems in the nation; police, fire and rescue services; public libraries; water and sewer services; and recreational facilities and community centers.

McLean has a proactive community government committed to improving the quality of life through continual progress — including street, sidewalk, sewer system and recreational improvements. McLean is the home of numerous civic clubs and community organizations devoted to creating strong ties, providing leadership and helping the needy.


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