graphicPetersburg is surrounded by amazing healthcare facilities. The importance of quality healthcare for the residents of Petersburg is important. There are four major medical facilities in the area, and five nursing care facilities in Petersburg.

The Southside Regional Medical Center (SRMC) provides a wide range of health- care services. SRMC was established in 1884 as the Petersburg Home for the Sick. With over 100 years of experience, the center has over 200 dedicated physicians on staff to serve you with all of your medical needs. The center has over 50 services including emergency medical treatment and pediatric care services.

Central State Hospital is located nearby. The mission of Central State Hospital is to "provide state of the art mental health care and treatment to forensic and civilly committed patients in need of a structured, secure environment. The major components of the hospital’s mission include Evaluation, Treatment, Protection, and Disposition."

Poplar Springs Hospital is a behavioral healthcare center located in Petersburg. The hospital uses a family approach to healthcare problems, such as abuse, stress, emotional sickness, and drug and alcohol abuse. The seven doctors on staff are there to assist the patient(s) with their needs.

Many programs are provided through Poplar Springs Hospital. One of the programs is the adolescent program, which assists adolescents with the many issues that confront them today. Assistance is provided in the form of therapeutic activities that provide workable solutions to some short term issues that may occur during the adolescent years.

Another program is an intensive treatment program. Intensive treatment programs help teens to learn assertiveness skills and coping skills. These are taught in order to help the teens in their ability to function at home, in school, and in the community.

When a client is admitted to the hospital, treatment begins. Upon being assessed, the patient will soon begin a recommended course of action, which is based upon a variety of factors. graphic

The hospital strongly believes that family involvement is of major importance to the treatment at any age, especially adolescents.

A highly qualified staff of doctors is there to assist the patient along the way. The clinical staff works in teams which are composed of a program director, psychiatric nurse, school teacher, social worker, activities therapist, mental health technician, and the patient's personal psychiatrist. For more information about our services please feel free to visit us on the Web at or by phone at (804) 733-6874.

Beyond the major medical facilities there are many other medical treatment practices within the community. There are dentists, physicians, hospice centers, and other specialized treatment facilities in and around Petersburg.

Crater Community Hospice - Hospice care is a choice one can make to enhance life for a person with a terminal disease. They may choose to pass on in a familiar place with family, friends, and caring professionals. Crater Community Hospice is a non-profit program developed to assist those who reside in Petersburg and the surrounding communities. Hospice emphasizes comfort and counseling in order to provide social, spiritual and physical support to the patient and their family under professional medical supervision. Please call 1-800-526-4300 or on the Web at

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