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In order to support economic development in the County, Powhatan has a program to provide water and sewer service to business corridors. The Board of Supervisors adopted Water and Sewer Service Districts years ago, which encompass the area along the Route 60 corridor from the Powhatan/Chesterfield boundary to west of Route 522 (Maidens Road) and in the Courthouse Square Village.

The Fighting Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant was opened in 2000. This facility serves the western sewer district including the Courthouse area. The Dutoy Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant was opened in 2003. It is designated to serve the eastern sewer districts.

Public Sewer service is currently available to most of the Courthouse Square Village area, as well as along Route 60 from Mann Road to Academy Road. Future service is likely to be extended from Academy Road to Red Lane Road.

In 2006, the County began a project to establish waterlines and sewer infrastructure from the Chesterfield County line west on Route 60 to Batterson Road. This project was completed in early 2008 and has allowed Powhatan to utilize the water capacity it purchased from Chesterfield in the late 1990s. While Powhatan currently only averages about 50,000 gallons per day, the agreement with Chesterfield allows up to 572,000 gallons per day. Services have since been extended into several developments including Oakbridge Industrial Park and South Creek Commercial Center.

The County is undertaking a project to extend waterlines and sewer infrastructure from Judes Ferry Road to Rocky Oak Road. This project is anticipated for completion in spring/summer 2011. Future extensions will make both water and sewer service available along Route 60 further west to Red Lane Road.

A few areas in the County receive water service from Aqua Virginia, a privately owned water company, including the Courthouse Square area and a portion of Route 60 around Academy Road. Although privately owned, these systems are still required to operate as a public utility in the areas they serve and must meet the same quality standards as any other municipally owned system. Customers’ water is tested for problems such as bacteria, metals, inorganic materials, high radioactive levels, nitrates, pesticides and other contaminates.

Other areas within the County utilize private wells and septic tanks with drain fields for their water and sewer needs. Regulations and other information regarding these systems may be obtained by calling the environmental health specialist with the Powhatan Health Department at 598-5680.

If you have specific questions about where services are available or are looking to develop property along Route 60, the staff in the County’s Department of Utilities & General Services can assist in your planning. You may contact the office at 598-5764.

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