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Prime Location for Employees

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Bellevue is ideally located to move employees, residents, goods, and services. Located just east of Seattle, Bellevue has the advantage of a central, strategic location.

Easy Access

• Three highways connect Bellevue to the region: I-405, I-90, and SR-520

• Ease of navigation with recognizable grid

• Direct international airport access

Investments in Transportation Infrastructure

The State’s investment in critical Eastside transportation infrastructure is helping to improve mobility and provide critical relief for hotspots on I-405, I-90, and SR520. Between the 2003 Nickel Gas Tax Package and the 2005 Transportation Partnership Act, the state is providing over $1.5 billion for Eastside roads and corridors.

• Public transportation is integrated with other core city functions.

• Bellevue is home to a regional Transit Center providing access from a variety of regional park and ride facilities.

• 1,100 bus trips serving Bellevue each weekday, and a flex-pass available as an advantage for businesses and a benefit for their employees.

Innovative Choices for Employees

Bellevue takes an innovative approach to reducing drive-alone trips and supports programs that promote commuting alternatives. Many of the programs offered throughout the city are among the first of their kind in the region and some even offer cash incentives to employers for implementing commute reduction programs in their companies.

• TransManage, a service of the Bellevue Downtown Association, offers commuting resources such as transit pass sales, special events and incentives, commute benefit consulting and more for both employers and employees.

• FlexPass is a comprehensive benefits package available at a reduced cost to employers for their employees. FlexPass includes unlimited rides on Metro bus and Sound Transit bus and rail. Other commute benefits may include emergency taxi rides home and subsidies or incentives for vanpooling, vanshare, carpooling, walking, and biking.

• “One Less Car Bellevue” provides an informational website listing commute alternatives for Bellevue residents, employers, commuters, and students. For more information, visit

State-of-the-Art Communications


Bellevue is at the forefront of investments in telecommunications infrastructure and consequently manages a high bandwidth capacity network allowing businesses to operate in the global marketplace. The underground fiber optic network has attracted some of the largest Internet service providers, e-business outlets and web developers to the city.

• Multiple fiber, telecommunications, and broadband vendors provide a competitive choice.

• More than three quarters of residents have a high-speed Internet connection.

• The city is wired with redundant capacity for dependable data transfer.

Better Business Meetings

Bellevue is host to a wide array of conference and meeting facilities for use by local, regional, and international customers. In addition, the city features more than 3,500 hotel rooms for group, business, and leisure travel and more facilities are currently in the development process. Meydenbauer Convention Center, located in downtown Bellevue, also features over 48,000 square feet of meeting and exhibit space.

Partnerships Working for Business

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Bellevue also has a tremendous advantage with the Bellevue Economic Partnership (BEP). The BEP is a strategic partnership of Bellevue stakeholders. Through the BEP, volunteer leaders implement initiatives to recruit, retain and welcome businesses. The BEP helps integrate new businesses into the community by assisting them with business connections needed for success. The BEP promotes Bellevue’s economic vitality, creating a balanced portfolio of businesses. For more information on the BEP, visit

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