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Moving Tips

Planning the Move

Planning a move may initially be intimidating. You may find it helpful to first determine whether you want to hire a professional moving company or pack your belongings yourself. It is a good idea to contact moving companies that are recommended by people you trust.

Moving Tips

The basic cost of a move is based on the weight of household items and the length of time needed to move your belongings. Be sure to contact several companies to compare the estimated cost. There are two types of estimates. A binding estimate holds the mover responsible for the quoted price. A non-binding estimate is based on the approximate time involved, and there is no guarantee that the final cost won’t be higher than the estimate. Federal law, however, limits moving companies from charging more than 10 percent of the non-binding estimate.

Only sign or accept a moving-service order if the amount is clearly displayed on each page of the written estimate. Verify that the pick-up dates and time are clearly written on the estimate, as well as the estimated delivery date.

Movers often charge considerably less for moves not at the beginning or end of the month, and they charge less again on weekdays and during normal business hours. Time outside of the ordinary may be subject to extra charge. It is possible to reduce the time movers spend on the job by moving items into the garage for easier loading. This should save you money.

Professional moving companies provide mandatory insurance that is based on weight. It is important to remember that the insurance does not take into account the actual value of an item, so optional insurance may be necessary. For particularly valuable items, you may consider handling them yourself.

Temporary Storage

If you’re not moving directly into a new home, it may be necessary to store some of your belongings. Many moving companies have facilities to hold items on a short-term basis, but if the delay is longer than a few weeks, experts agree that you should rent a storage unit. Additionally, a private storage unit may be less expensive than paying a moving company to keep your belongings.

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