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St. Anne’s Catholic Church


Built in 1894 and located on the Tulalip reservation, St. Anne’s is the oldest Catholic mission on Puget Sound. This building is still an active center for worship, weddings, funerals and social activities.

The Bernie Kai Kai Gobin Hatchery

Built in 1982, to protect many wild salmon runs that are currently depressed or endangered, the hatchery returns are especially important to the Tulalip Tribes at this time. Having a reliable return of hatchery salmon allows tribal members to fish for ceremonial, subsistence, and commercial purposes, without over harvesting wild salmon runs that require protection. The long-term vision of the Tulalip Tribes is the restoration of wild salmon production to levels that will support fishing needs for their children’s future. Although the hatchery is open year-round the best time to visit is during the January to April rearing period and during the Chum spawning operations which takes place in November. To make a tour appointment call (360) 651-4550.

The Tribal Longhouse

A large cedar plank building used primarily for private spiritual gatherings. Traditional Northwest Coast Guardian Spirit ceremonies are still practiced by many Northwest Coast Native Amerians in longhouses like the one at Tulalip.

Marysville Noon Rotary Ranch Petting Zoo

Located in Jennings Memorial Park, the petting zoo draws 40,000 visitors a year between May and August to meet friendly farm animals. Special tours can also be arranged. Call (360) 363-8400 for specific dates and times.

Gehl Pioneer House

In Jennings Park you will find the Gehl Pioneer Home, which was built in 1884 by the Gehl family and originally located at the top of Getchell Hill. It is made of hand hewn cedar and was originally caulked with deer moss. The home is furnished by pioneer articles that have been donated to the Marysville Historical Society.

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