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Ask Mercer Island residents to describe why they love living here, and you'll get a wide range of answers. They invariably mention its convenient location and its proximity to both Seattle and Bellevue - an important factor considering the growth of Puget Sound.

They love the tranquil, woodsy feeling of the Island, a 13-square-mile oasis floating in the middle of Lake Washington. They love its small-town, friendly atmosphere, cultivated by the fact that it is an island. Residents refer to themselves as Islanders and take pride in the Island's community feel. It's a very special place to live, work and play. But while it is an island, it is anything but insular - it is at the center of everything that happens in the Puget Sound region.

Mercer Island residents feel safe here - since the Island has a very low crime rate and outstanding police and fire departments. They enjoy excellent services from the city - the only city in King County located on an island. And it's also the only community in King County in which the boundary of the city and the school district are identical.

Mercer Island's 13 square miles are home to over 23,000 people.

It ranks 42nd among city populations in Washington state.

Five miles long and 2-1/2 miles wide, Mercer Island is primarily a residential community. While most residents work in Seattle or Eastside cities, there is a growing number of residents who telecommute or operate home businesses. The proximity to Seattle, the low crime rate, the tranquil and woodsy ambiance, and the excellent schools have made Mercer Island one of the most desirable places in the region to live.

"Islands can seem rather special, but then so can islanders to most people who remove themselves to islands regard themselves as having entered paradise" - Paul Theroux

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