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Population density — 1,379/square mile
Population — 23,446
Male — 48.7 percent
Female — 51.3 percent
Median age — 45 years

Bachelor's degree or higher — 77% percent

Households — 9,225
Average household size — 2.53 persons
Median family size — 3.03 percent
Owner-occupied housing units — 76.6 percent
Renter-occupied housing units — 24.2 percent
Married-couple families — 65.6 percent
Families with children under 18 years — 35.5 percent
Householder living alone — 22.1 percent
Households with individuals under 18 years — 36.5 percent
Households with individuals 65 years and over — 31.7 percent

Median household — $154,050
Per capita — $123,799

Median housing value — $1,109,161

Typical rate — $1.33/$1,000 assessed value

Mean travel time to work — 21.2 minutes

Average winter temperature — 40 degrees F
Average summer temperature — 70 degrees F
Average yearly rainfall — 36.1 inches (half falls between October and January)

Statistics and Facts
— Total area of Mercer Island is 13.1 square miles. The land area is 6.3 square miles and the water area is 6.8 square miles.
— Mercer Island is positioned 47.56 degrees north of the equator, and 122.23 degrees west of the prime meridian.
— Mercer Island is the only city in King County situated on an island.
— Mercer Island is the most populated island in a lake in the United States
— Mercer Island is the only community in King County in which the boundary of the city and the school district are identical. — Mercer Island is the 42nd largest city in the State of Washington.
— Mercer Island has more than 50 miles of marked walking paths and trails.
— Nearly three quarters of Island residents are college-educated.
— Mercer Island's zip code, 98040, is one of the wealthiest in the state. — There are about 16,000 registered voters on the Island.
— About 6,400 people are employed in jobs on the Island.
— The largest employers on the Island are Farmer's New World Life, Mercer Island School District and the City of Mercer Island.

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