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Protecting Mason County

Protecting Mason County

Since 1854, 42 elected or appointed individuals have served as Sheriff of Mason County. In November of 2006, Sheriff Casey Salisbury was elected as Mason County Sheriff.

Since then, Belfair, Allyn and the surrounding northern portion of the county have experienced tremendous population growth and new business development. Examples include the construction of the Harrison Hospital Primary and Urgent Care Facility, modifications to State Route 3 and sewer development in both Allyn and Belfair. Combined, these and other commercial developments have created an extraordinary policing challenge for the Mason County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Salisbury was successful in opening a dedicated precinct in Belfair in 2007, but due to multiple challenges including severe budget cuts, was able to operate the facility for only one year. Thanks to a partnership with a local family, the Sheriff’s Office was able to maintain a substation for patrol deputies and volunteers to work from, but not as a north precinct office.

In 2013, the Sheriff’s efforts proved successful, and today an equitable distribution of staff, based on population in the northern part of the county, operates out of this new facility in Belfair.

Chief Ryan Spurling has taken the reigns as the first Chief Deputy for Belfair. He has completed a 25-year career with the Washington State Patrol and a 22-year career in the military, serving in the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army Reserves. Chief Spurling also has a degree in Business Management and Criminal Justice.

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