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Porches with rocking chairs are plentiful in the two Bluefields, but the region also has much to offer for retirees who would rather stay busy.

Health, housing and transportation are critical areas to consider when choosing a retirement destination, and the two Bluefields have much to offer in all three categories. Modern hospitals, fitness centers, and doctors help area retirees maintain active lifestyles. The area’s housing is affordable, and there are a variety of choices.

Mercer and Tazewell Counties include more than four colleges and universities that provide ample opportunity for lifelong learning. The Creative Retirement Center, a program of the Bluefield State Research and Development Corporation, offers comprehensive educational experiences that enrich the lives of retirees and those nearing retirement. Programs scheduled by the Creative Retirement Center cover such topics as computer usage, photography, health and wellness, genealogy, and travel.

A strong religious heritage that dates back to the 1700s has continued throughout the region’s history. The two municipalities include churches of all sizes, representing a broad range of denominations. Many of the congregations reach into their surrounding communities with programs that provide opportunities for retirees to gather for “potluck” dinners and programs, to travel together, or volunteer for church-related projects.

In addition to churches, retirees willing to volunteer can offer their time and talents to hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, food pantries and schools through such programs as the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) and Foster Grandparents. Nationally known civic organizations in the area also welcome men and women willing to devote their time, energy and expertise to a wide variety of projects.

Whether your time is spent enjoying the view from a porch rocker or taking in all that the two Bluefields have to offer, your mind will be put at ease with the knowledge that you have retired in an area with a surprisingly low cost of living and one of the lowest crime rates in the nation. Safe, affordable and fulfilling – what more could you ask for from your retirement destination?

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