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Twin cities Bluefield, West Virginia in Mercer County and Bluefield, Virginia in Tazewell County are neighbors in more than just location. They share a common heritage and bright vision for the future, and they are both part of a region known for its outstanding quality of life.

Tradition runs deep here. Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of southern West Virginia and southwestern Virginia, the area boasts a proud legacy built on coal mining, railroading and agriculture.

Life in the Bluefields has a comfortable hometown quality that is cherished by generations of residents and sought after by newcomers. Take a look around, sample some of our hospitality and you may also find that you want to put down roots.

Known as “Four Seasons Country,” the Mercer/Tazewell region offers appeal whatever the weather.

In spring, wildflowers dot the meadows, lambs and calves frisk in the pastures and spring peepers herald the season. Summer is time for picnics in the park, baseball, swimming and watching lightning bugs blink in the twilight over a field of new-mown hay. Autumn brings breathtaking vistas of many-hued leaves as trees take on their fall foliage. Winter blankets the landscape with pristine snowfalls and crisp mountain mornings.

The Two Virginias enjoy a pleasant climate. Tazewell County’s mean annual temperature is 49.1 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature in Mercer County is 52 degrees Fahrenheit. With warm days and cool nights in the summertime, Bluefield, West Virginia has earned the nickname “Nature’s Air-conditioned City.”

On those occasional summer days when the temperature climbs beyond 90 degrees, the Greater Bluefield Chamber of Commerce serves free lemonade, a tradition started 60 years ago.

Bluefield, Virginia’s claim to fame is a well-deserved tribute to the region’s mountainous terrain. This Bluefield is known as “Virginia’s Tallest Town.”

The natural beauty here is boundless. Woods and forests mixed with rolling countryside, mountain ridges and farmland offer a picturesque rural setting. Inspired by nature, Bluefield’s settlers named the city after the blue blossoms of the chicory that still grow wild here.

The region’s cities and towns are uncongested and are free of the stresses typical of more urban areas while offering the benefits and conveniences of a modern lifestyle.

The residents of the Bluefields are one of the region’s greatest strengths. This is a place where community spirit is strong, where people know their neighbors by name and go that extra mile for someone in need.

Employers will find a hardworking population with a strong work ethic and civic responsibility — a valuable asset to business and industry.

Government and community leaders blend past strengths and accomplishments and with an eye to the future, embracing technology and economic development. They are diligent in providing citizens with the best in education, healthcare, residential life, recreation, entertainment, and other amenities and services that build on the quality of life here.

Warm hospitality and a wealth of activities and events await visitors. Those looking to the Bluefields as a permanent destination will discover a great place to live, work, raise a family, retire and establish or relocate a business.

We invite you to see for yourself. The Bluefields may be just the place for you.

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