Justus (Jud) Reynolds and his wife, Narcie, first retired to Florida, then after a few years, moved to the small community of Pounding Mill about eight miles from Richlands, VA.

"We grew tired of Florida’s continual heat and humidity," says Jud, a retired U.S. Army major. "We also got tired of looking at palm trees. Here we enjoy a high elevation with crisp air and hardwood trees that change with the seasons - beautiful green in spring and summer, gorgeous colors in the fall and bare in the winter, giving us a full view of the mountains."

"Here people are not only friendly and welcoming, they are honest," Jud says. "Folks leave their keys in their cars and their front doors unlocked because they know they are safe. I was born and raised in Philadelphia’s East Germantown, a really tough place to be back in the old days. I remember what crime was all about. During my military career, Narcie and I moved all over the world, and we lived in 12 different states, but this is the safest place of all. We feel like we finally made the right retirement decision."

Written by John Howells

Reprinted from "Appalachian Retirement" published in the Fall 2001 edition of "Where to Retire" magazine

Ed and Susan Robinson are former residents of Washington, D.C., who decided to relocate to southern West Virginia after Ed retired. "We’ve been very pleased with our choice," Ed says. "When we first came here, our friends and family said we were going to be in the middle of nowhere. Now some of our neighbors think we run a bed and breakfast. My parents moved here, and a lot of our family come down here to watch the Devil Rays (Princeton’s minor league baseball team)."

"This is one of the most beautiful places," says Susan. "The difference between here and where we lived in D.C. is everything is laid out right in front of you. There are things to do here, too, but you have to find them."

"In D.C. it takes 20 minutes just to get on the main road and maybe hours to do what you needed to do," she says. "Here you can do what you need to do in 20 minutes. Plus the cost of housing - when you come down from D.C. into this area, it is phenomenal."

"The first reaction of every person who comes here to stay is how calm, how peaceful and how relaxing it is," says Susan. "It must be the mountain air or something."

Written by Greg Jordan

Reprinted from "Almost Heaven" published in the January 22, 2001 edition of "The Bluefield Daily Telegraph"

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