Housing that is both attractive and affordable may sound too good to be true, until you visit Four Seasons Country. Virginia’s Tazewell County and Mercer County in West Virginia are blessed with an abundance of homes priced well below what you would expect to pay in larger cities.

The cost for a 1,500-square-foot home ranges from $25,000 to $190,000, and buyers can find 3,000- to 3,500-square-foot homes for anywhere from $80,000 to $400,000. The Multiple Listing Service for the Mercer County Board of Realtors, which covers Mercer and Tazewell Counties, calculates the average sale price for homes of all sizes at about $79,000.

The variety of properties available is as appealing as the price. The region’s most populated towns and the rolling farmlands and mountains that surround them offer historic Victorian mansions, modern retirement townhouses and everything in between, all with surprisingly low price tags and property taxes less than the average charged across the country.

graphicNewer developments in both counties feature upscale housing on small lots, larger properties that offer priceless views of colorful hillsides and lush valleys, and planned unit developments. If living in town or in a housing development doesn’t strike a chord, the region’s plentiful supply of winding country roads will lead you to other choices such as farmhouses, ranch styles or property available for building the home of your dreams. Whatever design you choose, the climate will make it easy for you to surround your home with brilliant flowers, healthy shrubs and trees that provide shade in the summer and splashes of color in the fall.

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